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  Hard to believe that it finally is almost Spring Already . 

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Speedex Tractors  Show strong at these Ohio & PA shows


 Vintage Garden Tractor Show Sugarcreek,Ohio-May - Ashtabula Antique Engine Shows-May Gas Up, one day - July three days Fall Show September  one day . Elkton Antique Engine Show Lisbon Ohio-Georgian Bay Steam show Ontario Canada- Tuscarawas Valley PIONEER POWER Show August- Buckeye Steam & Gas Reunion August - A Show in Ravenna August - Atwood Lake Ohio -October  Check out the Fall Show Button for show photos - more to come !    

   For more info on each of these shows on   New Information  above and below Classifieds on the left side of this page. If you know of show dates I'am missing send me an e-mail and I will include the dates - Thanks


Brandon Baily passed on August 26, 2023. Brandon was a very passionate Speedex collector - He was very friendly with all of us and he loved his family dearly - we saw many photos of his children on his tractors....I am glad to have met him and shared stories  with him. -He wil be missed.

Harry Tempest of of Mount Pleasent, PA passed on July 6,2023 - -Harry was a Friend & colledtor and loved to show his restored Model-B tractor. He was often seen at the Atwood Fall Festival. He was the brother-in -law of Bill Ruth.

John L. Thoman of Lisbon Ohio passed on April 11, 2023.

Frank Toth of Ravenna ohio passed on Feb 25,2023

Saturday, June 05, 2021 1:26 PM I just wanted to let you know that Dallas Few passed away this morning (June 5) at 12:05 AM.  The Family is not planning anything at the moment but will have a celebration of his life at a later date.  Thanks to all for  being his friend and tractor buddys.  His obituary will be posted on line at  - Bryan Few

Dallas was a wonderful person and a very supportive person of small tractors of all makes , but parcial to our Speedex tractors. I spent many hours visiting and talking with Dallas at his home over the years with our other Speedex Buddy Stan Pierson. He will truly be missed and he now finds peace with his Lord.

Ed Sarver of Manschoice, Pa passed on 8- 8, 2020

Stan Pierson of West Springfield, Pa passed on 4-19-2020

Larry Lipps of Jefferson, Ohio - 8 year past president of the Ashtabula Antique Engine Club - passed 3-1-18

I sadly leave this news from March 1, 2018. Long time friend and fellow collector and a true advocate for collectors Larry Lipps of Jefferson, Ohio has passed on. He leaves a great legecy of love for the Ashtabula Ohio  Antique Engine Club of which he was there in the beginning and until recently served as President for 8-years. You could find him weekly working at the Engine show grounds in Williamsfield, Ohio. He will greatly be missed by all. Larry could alway be seen at the shows with his blue jeans, blue jean shirt, blue hat and a wonderful welcoming smile.

Carl Few of Wadsworth, Oho - a tractor friend & member of the Median County Antique Power Association - passed 8-30-18

Dan Strang of Williamsfield, Ohio - Flea Mrkt. Mgr. at Ashtabyla Engine Shows passed in 12-2016

Bill Weise of Walton Hills, Ohio. Bill passed on 12-20- 2015. 

IRobert Shick of Newton Falls Ohio. Bob passed on 11-1-2015.


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 In Memory of our Friend Dallas Few - In Memory of Our Friend Stan  Pierson - click on photo to Zoom in

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Atwood Lake - Blast from the past Show 2009   

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Look-a-Like projects are fun and great show stoppers.Check out the FG Peddle Tractor in the FG highBoy photo section & and My Peddle LowBoy in the FG LowBoy section . Then look in the S-Series  S14 section for One of the 3D Model tractors. I working out details and will be making a Collector Card # 30 about the 3D Model tractors designed by Justin Goodson & Printed by Colby Merchlewitz - The card will include photos of Model tractors assembled by Tony Marsh, Gary Perry & Kenny Vanwoert and possibly more !.

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Dallas Few at Atwood Lake

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Atwood Lake Fall Festival  October 2019

..  New Pictures 04-10-24 ..

Many New Pictures 10-11-18

New Pictures Here 10-11-18

H i s t o r y  Updated 02-28-2014

The history below has been complied by

Mike Hamper and all information is from

my reference gathering, research informtion

and personal interviews. I have seen copies of my history from this page on other sites without any  Accreditation. Please give credit where credit is due....thanks Mike

Update : 1-4-2018

In 1935 Harold Pond founded the "POND TRACTOR COMPANY", and built Speedex tractors. ...Some worthy information to note before the Pond Tractor Co. started follows.  Harold Pond was associated with Shaw Mfg. Co. of Galesburg, Kanas. Shaw Mfg. Co. fabricated walk behind tractors and other outdoor power equipment from reclaimed motorcycles and automotive parts. Harold Pond, his brother Elmer Pond, and brother-in-law, Glen Heilman all worked for the Shaw Mfg. Co. at one time. Harold was assigned Ohio and Pennsylvania as his territory for mat'l shipments of steel. During that time Harold conceived and  developed the Speedex walk behind tractor. All three men were very motivated and would eventually create their own company’s. Harold's brother Elmer and his son Cecile were responsible for the development of the " Wheel Horse " line of tractors in South Bend Ind. Harold's brother-in-law Glen Heilman was responsible for developing the " Garden-All " line of garden tractors in Mishawaka, Indian. These three men would go on to be responsible for many innovations in the history of small  garden tractor production. .... Now for Harold's part. 

In 1938-39 Harold Pond developed the Model B Speedex riding tractor in Ravenna, Ohio. The Speedex Model-B is considered the first four wheel garden tractor in America with an air-cooled engine and pneumatic tires. It had tiller steering, pneumatic tires, Briggs & Stratton Model ZZ air cooled engine, a Ford Model-A transmission, and Ford Model-T rear axle. In 1939 Harold started a national advertising campaign to sell the Model-B tractors.  1941 The Model-B was sold with a 6HP Briggs engine. A 1941 Sales Pamphlet lists the Co. name as "POND GARDEN TRACTOR CO." the Model-B tractors were built in 1939,1940,1941,1942,1943-48.  During this time he also developed the Model A and C walk-behind Tractors. In 1942 the Model FG ( Farm and Garden )was developed using a Ford Model A 4-cylinder engine, Model-A transmission, and Model-T rear axle. It sported the Model-A radiator and radiator shell. This first FG was a direct evolution of the Model-B having many of the same parts, which also included the 9 inch front tires. Later FG's were a higher designed tractor and did not have the shiny Ford Model-A radiator shell. This later FG  did have larger front wheels ,12 inch, and had a Model-A rear axle.
Some time in 1948 Harold was contacted by the Henry Ford, and was told that he was competing with Ford tractor business and that Ford would no longer be able to sell him components. The call from Henry Ford prompted Harold to develop his own transmission and rear axle design.
In 1949  Harold Pond  changed his company name to the "SPEEDEX TRACTOR COMPANY".

In 1950 Harold developed the M-23 and M 25 which utilized his new differential and transmission design. Several models proceeded from 2 wheel tractors to other 4 wheel tractors, the D-4, M-8, M-12, M-14, M-16, M-23, M-25 and WT two wheel walk behind..

In 1957 Harold Pond sold his company to Maury Foote and Jerry Stowe. Harold and his wife Golda and daughter Marilyn then moved back to his native state and town of Galesburg, Kansas. Harold continued to tinker with some designs for other small items that did not reach production status. Born April 30th ,1905 Harold E. Pond died on Nov. 18th 1966 at the age of 61. In a recent interview with his daughter she mentioned that her Father would be very proud to know of the present practical use and continued interest in his tractors.Tech International,Ltd of New Philadelphia, Ohio  still offers parts for many of the Speedex line of garden tractors.

Due to unauthorised copy right infringement the rest of the History is now moved to the Member side of the web site. Hopefully this will contol that lack of respect for copy writeing. Folks that pay for that part of the site are not likely to relecklessly release the contents. I am finishing up my Book and will incorporte the major part of all the information in the so0n to be released Self Published Book. - - Mike Hamper

Please .. Note.. ...Mike

When I Post a Show I will try to include a Map if possible here. ...Mike Hamper

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Atwood Lake Map for tractors Click on map to enlarge for better viewing.

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Atwood Lake tractor area camping New Rules - Click on photo to enlarge.

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 October os show time at Atwood Lake Fall Festival here in Ohio.  attenders will  be  located in the New Show Area.

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